• Annual Meeting

    All SACC members were invited to join the Chamber staff for good food & drinks at Ruth's Chris on Tuesday, January 30, 2018. Before dinner, members meandered throughout the private dining area of Ruth's Chris networking and being treated to drinks. Dinner was served buffet style featuring calamari, beef skewers, & beef sliders-but that did not stop the conservation. The annual meeting was held as Board of Directors past-president Jeremiah Johnson passed the torch to current president Heather Feldkamp. Heather outlined the Board of Directors' & SACC's goals for 2018; one of them being implementing this new user-friendly website. Mary Alice Smith & Sandee Sheats both received the "Staff Appreciation Award" from the Chamber for their tireless work in making the Chamber run smoothly. A heartfelt thank you gets extended to both Ruth's Chris, for sponsoring, and all of the Chamber members who have worked with us throughout 2017. Here is to a prosperous 2018!

    • Ruth-Chris-Facade.jpg
      Ruth's Chris Facade
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      Ruth's Chris hosting SACC
    • Jeremiah-plaque.jpg
      Thanking our Past-President
    • Awards.jpg
      Sandee with her award
    • desserts.jpg
      Ruth's Chris's desserts