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      Cast-A Ball Winner!!
    • Golf-Outing-2021-w1360.jpg
      The winner of Cast-a Ball!!
    • SAC-Golf-Outing-2021-Fender-Mender.jpg
      Fender Mender
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021--Saline-Lions.jpg
      Saline Lions Club
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-Altech-Mechanical(1).jpg
      Altech Mechanical
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-Chelsea-Lumber.jpg
      Chelsea Lumber
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-Edward-Jones-Group.jpg
      Edward Jones
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-Foresight-Capital.jpg
      Foresight Capital
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-Greenstone.jpg
      Greenstone Farm Credit Services
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-Iott-Insurance.jpg
      Iott Insurance
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-Jac-Products.jpg
      Jac Products
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-Jet's-Pizza.jpg
      Jet's Pizza
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-Little-Caesars-Pizza.jpg
      Little Caesars Pizza
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-MMI.jpg
      MMI Engineered Solutions
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-Pet-Butler.jpg
      Pet Butler
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-Sub-Par-Ladies.jpg
      Sub Par Ladies
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-Trinity-Lutheran.jpg
      Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-American-Soy.jpg
      American Soy
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-LaFontaine.jpg
      LaFontaine CDJR
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021-prizes.jpg
      Raffle Prize Table
    • SACC-Golf-outing-2021.jpg
      2021 Golf Outing Stonebridge Golf Course
    • SACC-Golf-Outing-2021(2).jpg
      2021 Golf Outing
    • Golf-Outing-2021-Awards-MC-w1598.jpg
      Annherst Kreitz as our Emcee for the golfers awards!
    • Golf-Outing-Awards-2021(2).jpg
      Altech Mechanical took home 3rd Place!
    • Golf-Outing-Awards-2021(3).jpg
      Chris Thorton from LaFontaine won the longest drive for men
    • Golf-Outing-Awards-2021(4).jpg
      Stacy Bader from American Soy won the longest drive for women
    • Golf-Outing-Awards-2021(5).jpg
      Chad Schlicher from Pet Bulter won the longest putt for men
    • GolF-Outing-Awards-2021(6).jpg
      Susan Rosales from Jet's Pizza won the longest putt for women
    • Golf-Outing-Awards-2021(7).jpg
      Patrick Carney from Foresight won closest to the flag. A bike donated by Walmart
    • Golf-Outing-Awards-2021(8).jpg
      MMI Engineered Solutions won the
    • Golf-Outing-Awards-2021.jpg
      Chelsea Lumber took 2nd Place
    • Golf-Outing-Chair.-Lori.-Lynn-and-Tammie's-Mom-2021-w1636.jpg
      Tammie King, Lori Little, Lynn Thomas-Perry, Tammie King's mom, Virginia
    • Golf-Outing-Volunteers-2021-w1943-w1696.jpg
      SACC Volunteers who made our golf outing successful!
    • Golf-Outing-Volunteers-Bebbers-2021.jpg
      The Bebbers, SACC Volunteers!!
    • Golf-Outing-Awards-raffle-winner.jpg
      David Hoard from MMI won our 50/50 raffle
  • The Saline Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing 2021!

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  • Welcome to the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce!

    "Where People and Business Meet for a Better Community"


  • Welcome to the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce!

  • Welcome to the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce, or the SACC for short who serves the local city of Saline and the local townships of Bridgewater, Lodi, Pittsfield, Saline, & York. The Chamber's mission continues to be one of maintaining a positive economic climate and serving as a meaningful resource for all types of business needs and referrals. The Saline Area Chamber of Commerce was established in 1980 as a nonprofit civic organization dedicated to helping the greater Saline area become a better place to live and work. The main purpose of the SACC is to promote cooperation in all matters of interest to the businesses of the greater Saline area community.

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