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  • Welcome to the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce!

    "Where People and Business Meet for a Better Community"


  • Welcome to the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce!

  • Welcome to the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce, or the SACC for short who serves the local city of Saline and the local townships of Bridgewater, Lodi, Pittsfield, Saline, & York. The Chamber's mission continues to be one of maintaining a positive economic climate and serving as a meaningful resource for all types of business needs and referrals. The Saline Area Chamber of Commerce was established in 1980 as a nonprofit civic organization dedicated to helping the greater Saline area become a better place to live and work. The main purpose of the SACC is to promote cooperation in all matters of interest to the businesses of the greater Saline area community.

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    Chamber Office Hours

    Monday - Thursday 10-4, Friday 10-2

    The office staff will be available by appointment only.  While our doors are closed we may still be in the office so please contact us with any inquires.

    (734) 429-4494   |   office@salinechamber.org


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