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  • From now until August 22nd, you will be able to vote for your favorites. All businesses that were nominated must be associated with SACC or Saline Mainstreet to win. The following are the categories for voting. 

    Only one vote per day/per email, please! You must use Google Chrome to be able to vote more than one time.


    1. Best Burger

    2. Best Local Coffee Shop

    3. Best Pizza

    4. Best In-House Dining

    5. Best Take-out Food (not Pizza)

    6. Best Local Bar/Brewery

    7. Best Salon/Stylist

    8. Best Automobile Repair Shop

    9. Best Bank/Financial Services

    10. Best Lawn Care Services

    11. Best Automobile Dealership/Parts

    12. Grocery/Party Store

    13. Best Specialty Retail Store

    14. Best New Business (Opened since January 1, 2020)

    15. Best Breakfast

    16. Best Golf Course

  • Welcome to the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce!

    "Where People and Business Meet for a Better Community"


  • Welcome to the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce!

  • Welcome to the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce, or the SACC for short who serves the local city of Saline and the local townships of Bridgewater, Lodi, Pittsfield, Saline, & York. The Chamber's mission continues to be one of maintaining a positive economic climate and serving as a meaningful resource for all types of business needs and referrals. The Saline Area Chamber of Commerce was established in 1980 as a nonprofit civic organization dedicated to helping the greater Saline area become a better place to live and work. The main purpose of the SACC is to promote cooperation in all matters of interest to the businesses of the greater Saline area community.

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    Chamber Office Hours

    Monday - Thursday 10-4, Friday 10-2

    The office staff will be available by appointment only.  While our doors are closed we may still be in the office so please contact us with any inquires.

    (734) 429-4494   |   office@salinechamber.org


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