• News Release: 3/22/2021

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    March 22, 2021
    One of the value propositions of the SACC is to help assist member companies to grow their business.  This spring the SACC will deploy a new initiative called “Love on Local”.  This initiative is designed to promote local businesses.  Each member company that wants to be involved will be provided a yard sign and decal for their establishment.  Contact the chamber to request your yard sign and decal today.  The top reasons we are developing this initiative is to promote local businesses because we feel that:
    1. Local Business keeps our Saline Area Community Unique
    2. By driving more businesses to our members allows local business to offer more good local jobs
    3. The community grows when entrepreneurs of member companies invest in our community
    4. It is well known that local business provides better customer service than national chains
    Lori Little, Administrative Assistant
    office@salinechamber.org, (734) 429-4494