• SACC Executive Director

    Saline Area Chamber of Commerce
    Job Description
    Saline Area Chamber of Commerce
    Job Description:  Executive Director
    Reports to:  Board of Directors
    Revised January 2020
    Job Summary – The position of Executive Director is the most critical one for the success of the Chamber.  This individual is responsible for the growth, image, and proper presentation of the Chamber in the entire Saline area community as well as the proper day-to-day functioning of the Chamber Office.  The Executive Director must effectively wear many hats including financial analyst, marketer, relationship-builder, community advocate, image builder, planner, communicator, and this individual should be a perceived resource for all types of information.
    Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    • Effectively communicating and interacting with the Chamber’s Board of Directors
    • Stays on top of and understands Chamber finances including cash flow reports, monthly profit & loss statements, and balance sheets.  Also, knows how to maximize return on investible funds
    • Understands policies and procedures and operates within defined guidelines
    • Maintains a careful eye on all Chamber related expenses
    • Effectively uses written skills to communicate to increase the Chamber’s recognition and relevance
    • Effectively speaks and uses other communication skills in both large and small group settings
    • Effectively sells the benefits of belonging to the Chamber and builds good relationships
    • Effectively makes referrals that reflect well on the Chamber and on its members
    • Has the ability to generate effective team-building techniques with good results---particularly with staff morale and with Chamber-related committees
    • At all times maintains a positive image and presentation for the Chamber and the community
    • Has knowledge of elected officials and governmental boundaries.  Maintains contact with local units of government in the area that includes the City of Saline and the Townships of Pittsfield, Lodi, Saline, and York.  They also seek to develop a working relationship with the heads of these units including the mayor and city manager in Saline and area township supervisors.
    • In summary, develops a skill set that grows the Chamber’s influence and its membership
    Shared Duties include:
         There needs to be a recognition that in a “small staff” environment there is a need for continued cooperation and shared working assistance among all paid staff including the Executive Director.  Deadlines for various events and for regular office workflow demands can vary among all staff and there needs to be an awareness of this and a cooperative effort that sometimes extends beyond specifically assigned job responsibilities.
         In recognition, all paid staff are required to share cooperatively in functions like (1) giving a prompt, friendly, receptive, and positive image to all visitors to the Chamber office, (2) answering the telephone and responding to all electronic messaging in a timely, professional manner, (3) promoting the Chamber’s good name and reputation while also encouraging chamber membership, (4) maintaining a professional appearance both personally and within the Chamber office (realizing a Chamber’s office appearance also reflects an image for our entire community), (5) always speaking well of the Chamber and its members while also making meaningful referrals, and (6) always being willing to “pitch-in” with any and all duties that need to be done when it’s “crunch time” for individual project and events.
    Minimum Requirements:
    A college-level degree is required as well as professional work experience.
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