• Business Information Update 2021

    Please take a moment to update your business information. If you don't have a log-in to your portal please complete this form.
    Please provide the name of your business how you want it listed in our directory.
    Please include FT & PT employees (i.e. FT/PT).
    Please provide your business's or organization's website as it will be listed in our directory.
    Please provide the best number for the public to reach your company.
    Physical Address
    The location of your business.
    Billing Address
    If invoices are to be sent elsewhere besides the physical location please let us know.
    Main Contact
    Who should the Chamber be communicating with about Chamber benefits & opportunities?
    Please provide the best number to reach your contact. This number will NOT be distributed.
    Please provide an email for the Main Contact.
    Portal Log-in Requested
    If you'd like a way to update your info online at any time during the year please let us know.
    Billing Contact
    If the person who receives the invoices is different from the Contact above please provide the billing info.
    Please provide an email if you wish to receive billing correspondence electronically.
    Preferred Method of Communication *
    Are you minority owned business? If so, how do you identify?