• FAQ Page

  • What does a Chamber of Commerce do?

    The Saline Area Chamber of Commerce (SACC) lives up to its motto, “Where people & businesses meet for a better community.”  SACC is proud to bring together the business community with the fantastic people that make up the Saline area.  The Chamber can help you start your business, strengthen your current business, or work on changing your business plan through its resources within local governments and organizations.

  • Why should I join the Chamber?

    If you haven’t already looked over our Member Benefit’s page & our Chamber infographic, please take a moment to do so.  Beyond the specific opportunities, SACC can offer you in the area, there are common goals all Chambers have:  visibility within the community, credibility with customers, discounts for your business, having a voice to shape local programs & networking.  For more information on how SACC works to promote these values contact the office today.

  • What is the cost for my business?

    To determine your membership costs, we consider the number of your full-time equivalent employees.  Our membership fees are on our Member Application page.  Call us with any questions.

  • My business is having a hard time paying the membership dues.  Can we talk?

    The Chamber understands the importance of keeping costs down for every business.  The Chamber offers a one-time hardship rate for business owners who would like to be part of the community and may have had a rough year.  Reach out today to start the process.

  • It is now mid-year, is my rate discounted?

    Absolutely!  The Chamber has a specific formula to take into consideration some benefits that may not be accessible for the month you join.  If you are looking to join later in the year, we offer the option of paying the next year in full, so your benefits never stop.

  • How do I contact the Chamber?

    You can call us anytime, even outside our hours.  Our weekly hours are Mon-Thurs 10a-4p & Fri 10a-2p.  If you need to talk or come into the office outside those hours, contact the office to set up an appointment.  Just because our doors are closed doesn’t mean we aren’t hard at work for you.  Our contact info is at the bottom of every webpage, or you have a direct link to us through our Request Info Tab.

  • How can I become more involved in the business community?

    The Chamber offers multiple opportunities to get involved.  Attending events is an excellent way to network, learn about the Chamber, and branch out to learn about other businesses.  The Chamber is governed by a 15-person Board of Directors that is voted in annually by the membership for 3-year terms.  If you’d like to get involved but cannot commit to a 3-year term, look into joining a committee.  There is always a place for a member to speak their voice and help shape their Chamber.

  • Why am I being asked about sponsorships?

    The Chamber likes to deliver for its members.  While member dues can help bring in programs, it does not cover all the Chamber wants to do for its members.  Our Annual Holiday Parade brings hundreds of spectators to downtown Saline, but to do all the Chamber does to make the Parade as outstanding as it is, the Chamber needs assistance from businesses like yours to put on a show.  Sponsorships are a great way to get your business name out to the public while supporting community programs that aim to strengthen the Saline area.

  • I’d like to host an event to bring attention to my business.  What do you suggest?

    The Chamber has a few ideas for you, and they all start working alongside our Event Planner.  Businesses can open their doors for a Grand Opening, a Ribbon Cutting, or an Open House.  We will work with you every step of the way to find the correct date and how to bring that extra flair to bring in a crowd.  Working with us will allow you to invite the right group for your business.

    The Chamber offers support in After-Hours events for a more social time at your business as well as educational programs with Lunch-n-Learns.  We work with designing your promotional material if need be, publicizing your event, and formulating the right guestlist for your goal.  Reach out to get talks going now!

  • I have an issue to address towards a Chamber member.  Can the office help me?

    The Chamber’s Executive Director is available to lend a mediating hand in your issues with Chamber businesses.  We are always here to listen to the public and work with you to find an appropriate solution.  If we are unable to find a satisfactory resolution, we can work with you and the Better Business Bureau to file a formal complaint.