• Chamber 2.0 (New Benefits Released)

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    Welcome to Chamber 2.0!
    Last Wednesday 85+ community leaders and SACC members piled into screening room #2 at Emagine Theatres for our hyped-up Chamber 2.0 event.  We believe we speak for all in stating that anticipation was at an all-time high.  The energized Chamber team was in attendance to usher in this new era as the announcements were kept under wraps.
    In case you missed out on the exciting event, in a nutshell, here’s what we launched:
    Member-to-Member Discounts
    What: All SACC members will now be provided annual membership (key tag) cards for access to a growing list of discounts (personal + business). 
    Each business/organization will receive two (2) cards. In case two cards aren’t enough, we’re offering additional 4-packs of cards for only $10.  Your team will love you for this added perk!
    Discounts will be posted on the SACC website (www.salinechamber.org/MemberToMember).  In addition to discounts currently being offered, if you wish to add your business to the list, please complete this short form to be promptly added to the website and promoted through SACC marketing channels.
    Why: A primary goal of SACC to continually expand on VALUE. In speaking with members and community leaders, we’ve identified that discounts were a membership benefit that would provide an immediate return on investment (ROI) for new and current members.  Even more BANG for your buck!
    When: This discount program has already been put into action. If you have not received your membership cards, please contact Stephanie Cole at stephanie@salinechamber.org.
    Window Decals
    What: We’ve got new “MEMBER” window cling stickers!
    Why: To better showcase membership pride we’ve redesigned our window cling stickers. With a larger, more colorful design we can begin to further expand the SACC brand and visibility.
    When: Same as the membership cards, these are also in-hand. If you have not received your decals (or cards), please contact Stephanie Cole at stephanie@salinechamber.org.
    What: The #1 request of members has been an expansion of networking events and covering a wider range of times, locations, themes, and geographic areas.  Of course, we are honored to get these into motion. This is a key component to the success of “Chamber 2.0”.
    As a result, meet “Chamber Collective” - a collaborative effort between SACC and surrounding Chambers to introduce members to new businesses and connections.  Details on the first event will be rolling out very soon as the kick-off is in the process of being planned for late-March in the Saline area.
    SACC, in partnership with our community businesses, will also be revamping and reenergizing an array of existing events such as “Women in Business” and “Men’s Business League”.
    Why: It is of the utmost importance to the Chamber and our members to offer a continuous stream of enjoyable and beneficial networking opportunities to expand business and connections.
    When: There is no time like the present! These events are planned to begin rolling out in the month of March with a long-term calendar nailed down over the next few months. 
    Getting Involved
    What: Ever wonder what keeps the Chamber in motion? A vital key to our success and growth is due to the dedication of our sponsors, amazing volunteers and Ambassadors.
    We are actively seeking to expand all areas of those mentioned above.
    For the first time, we are offering annual sponsorship opportunities to businesses and organizations to kick their brand exposure and community awareness into high-gear. 
    In order to build and better serve our membership base and community, we are also looking to expand our volunteers and Ambassadors.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining forces with SACC, please contact our office via phone, email, in-person or send us a note on Social Media.
    Why: Without the support of our sponsors, volunteers and Ambassadors, is it extremely difficult for the Chamber to expand our reach and resources.
    When: We are looking to secure our sponsors, volunteers and Ambassadors ASAP as we are already planning for 2020.
    Do you want a “private tour” of the new Chamber plans for 2019 and beyond? Do not hesitate to reach out to any of the Saline Area Chamber of Commerce team members to discuss these plans + benefits in greater detail.