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InfantSEE: Public Health Program for Infants

From Cunningham Vision Centers…
There are many things a parent can do to care for her baby’s vision health, including regular prenatal care exams, eating nutritious foods during pregnancy,  and having her newborn’s eyes examined soon after birth. But did you know that you should also schedule your baby’s first optometry appointment at around 6 months [...]

Babiators: Stylin’ Shades for Kids

From Cunningham Vision Centers…
Did you know that protecting your child from the sun’s rays is just as important as protecting your own, if not more so? Finding a pair of sunglasses that work for your child can be difficult, but we can help! Cunningham Vision Centers of Saline, Tecumseh, and Ann Arbor is excited to [...]

“What If” Wednesday: The Legalities of Hunting on Private Property

from Benz Insurance Agency
What if… I can’t find a good place to hunt? Should I risk hunting on private property?
Doing any sort of activity on someone’s private property is always a huge risk. The last thing you want is the landowner mistaking you for an intruder. Trespassing is a serious issue landowners deal with and [...]

Contacts vs. Glasses: Which is Best for You?

From Cunningham Vision Center…
Deciding whether you want to wear glasses or contacts is a crucial decision for most of us. Being comfortable is the most important factor to account for when it comes to eyewear. Each choice has pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide which fits your personality and lifestyle best!
Pros: [...]

Why Do I Need Business Insurance?

From Benz Insurance Agency…
It’s wise to invest in business insurance for the same reason that you invest in car insurance or medical insurance: because anything can happen to anyone.
Think about this: If you walked into your office tomorrow and discovered all computers had been stolen, what would you do? When would you be able to [...]


From Cunningham Vision Center . . .
Good nutrition is an important aspect of our everyday lives—and eye health is no exception. A good diet can benefit your vision now and in the future.
We know it can be difficult to focus on healthy eating, but have no fear. Thankfully, we have outlined these guidelines to assist [...]

Saline Area Schools Financing 2012-13

It’s looking more and more like this fiscal year for Saline Area Schools (2012-13) may find them working with something that hasn’t happened for a long time, namely a deficit budget.    Saline would join other Washtenaw County public school districts Willow Run, Ypsilanti Public Schools, and Victory Academy in operating with a deficit.  Saline  reduced its fund balance [...]

Movie “Credits” and Movie Production in Michigan Communities

Starting several years ago with a movie called “Whip It”, the Saline area community has had several movies produced or partially produced in our area.  The movie production companies come here and are incented to produce here with credit subsidies from State of Michigan tax dollars.  There have been numerous comments and studies conducted about movie production credits, pro and [...]

International Bridge Project

Our thoughts on the International Bridge Project are well-know and the Chamber has a  published postion statement available for viewing on line in our November 2011 newsletter “The Advocate”.    There’s still plenty of support for it.  There’s also plenty of advertising dollars being spent against it.  We’d like to hear from you and know what you [...]

County-Wide Transit

Many of you may have already read about the “County-Wide” transit proposal and/or heard presentations from the marketing firms that were hired by AATA officials (AnnArbor Transportation Authority).  County-wide transit represents an effort to identify demand to expand AATA services into outlying areas of all parts of Washtenaw County (or at least all parts of the County agreeing to [...]

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